France Suffering From Bed Bugs Ahead of 2024 Paris Olympics

France Suffering From Bed Bugs Ahead of 2024 Paris Olympics

Bed bugs are a big problem across the world. They are great at infesting homes, hotels, and even in public spaces. These insects are very expert at hiding and spreading from one place to another through things like luggage, clothing, and even furniture. Their bites can cause great itch, leading to discomfort and sleepless nights for their victims. Bed bugs are well known for their ability to bid even in cracks. It makes them extremely difficult to eradicate and make the place clean. The psychological effect of bed bugs is big, as they can cause stress, anxiety, and even more issues. Now, France is the latest target of these bugs.

Bed bugs are causing issues in France

According to The Guardian, bed bugs are causing a great menace to the citizens of France too when the country is about to host the Olympics next year. The problem has reached the politicians, and they are discussing that. They have to deal with it before the Olympic Games next year. The transport minister has called on the train and companies of the bus to stop the bugs from spreading across the seats. The ministry has taken note of it and will take steps to eliminate the bugs.

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France to host Olympics next year

People in France are sharing pictures of the pc the bugs and videos of them moving around the Paris local trains and at the Charles De Gaulle airport. People have gotten so much scared and worried about the bugs that they have decided to stay instead of sitting in their seats. People are constantly sharing videos of these creatures on the internet and making others aware of the scenario. It is a matter of the country’s image, so France will do what it can to get from this menace and sort out the issue before the Olympics starts.