UK To Put A Ban On Smoking Cigarettes

UK To Put A Ban On Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking is a dangerous habit. It is a habit that is well proven to be the source of various health conditions. It can cause various issues like heart disease, lung disorders, and even cancer. It is also a costly habit. Cigarettes are not a cheap habit, and an addict can spend a lot of money every day. It depletes an individual’s health, finances, and social relationships. It is a highly addictive habit and can be difficult to lose. The UK is planning to kill this habit and make their citizens smoking-free.

The British government plans to eradicate smoking

The British government has taken a big step towards killing this smoking habit among various generations. They have unveiled a proposal to show the world unique and strong smoking regulations, a big blow to the tobacco industries. According to the independent, the minimum smoking age is to be gradually raised. This law, if it becomes a reality, will gradually eliminate the smoking habit, as various studies have shown. This law will ultimately put an end of smoking, especially among the youth, by 2040. According to this law, it will be legally impossible for a 14-year-old to buy a cigarette in the UK.

Smoking is a burden on the economy

The smoking industry is a big burden on the British health system, costing a huge amount of £17 billion annually. The government is also looking forward to addressing the common issue of vaping among the youth. The main objective of this step is to make smoking outdated and a thing of the past. Future generations will look at smoking as something that is not good for the health, the overall society, and the environment. Various studies have shown that taking steps against smoking has been successful and the UK is planning to do the same to reduce the prevalence of smoking and make it a thing of the past era. Or way, they will have a future generation that is more healthy and less likely to fall back into habits like smoking.

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