Watch: Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe malfunction at the iConnections Global Alts Conference

at the iConnections Global Alts Conference

Kim Kardashian was again in the news, this time for her over wardrobe.

it shows her entire trouser leg ripped, and although it happened to her on stage at the iConnections Global Alts Conference, she managed to cover it up with the trench coat she wore.

Kim can be heard saying, “My whole ass is out.” She also shared a video where she says, “It’s stuck to my fucking ass,” and when she tries to take it off, she says, “It hurts so bad,” because she was wearing leather pants.

It tore in the middle of the stage

“I was dying inside, sitting on stage like I could feel the breeze on my ass,” she explained.

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During the conference, she is seen sitting the whole time, not moving, until the end, when she gets up and goes straight to the bathroom to see what happened.

This isn’t the only buzz the eldest Kardashian has been causing lately, as just this week, she posted several photos in a Gucci bikini that set Instagram on fire.

Not too long ago, the fashion influencer and entrepreneur showed off her stunning figure in a matching pink bra and panty set worth just over $60. Kim let her long, wavy hair fall around her shoulders as she posed on the plush white carpet.

That’s because Kim has no problem showing off her body. She does it often on Instagram while being comfortable, which was not the case with the wardrobe malfunction she suffered in Miami.

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