‘One Piece’ chapter 1097 spoilers: Dragon’s Past Revealed 

The next chapter of the “One Piece” manga’s spoilers have been leaked by Scotchinformer, who confirmed that we will now know about Dragon’s past. The next chapter of “One Piece” which is chapter 1097 will be released on November 6, 2023, at 12 am JST.

We got to know in the previous chapter that Egghead Arc focuses on the God Valley which was destroyed because of an evil event called Native Hunting Competition which was organized by the World Government. 

“One Piece” chapter 1097: Kuma And Ginny In Sorbet Kingdom 

In the next chapter of “One Piece” it seems like the story will revolve around the Sorbet Kingdom. Apparently during that period the kingdom had a ruler who imposed taxes on the people as a way to show loyalty to the World Government. 

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Kuma eventually ended up becoming the king of that kingdom. However he cleverly divided his kingdom into two sections to reduce the burden of taxes. One part of the kingdom received state protection while the other was left outside the jurisdiction of the system. 

The main focus of e next “One Piece” chapter will be on Dragon and we ca say that despite any spoilers. The Revolutionary Army, led by Dragon and Ivankov launched an attack on the Sorbet Kingdom and successfully overthrew the ruler. It was at this moment that Kuma made the decision to join forces with the Revolutionary Army.

“One Piece” chapter 1097: Dragon’s Back Story

In the part of the chapter we will delve into Dragon’s background. the chapter reveals that he used to be a Navy member. Both individuals appear to have been let down by their time in the Navy although it is still uncertain whether he is Garp’s child or if he married Garp’s daughter.

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After leaving the Navy and realizing the lack of justice, within the organization Dragon took matters into his own hands and established the Revolutionary Army. Both Kuma and Ginny held positions as commanders within this army. However a surprising turn of events awaits Dragon towards the end of this chapter when he discovers that Ginny has been abducted.

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