‘Attack on ‘Titan S4’ Finale: Recap & Explaining the Tragic Ending

'Attack on 'Titan S4

Here’s what happened in the final episode of Attack on “Titan Season 4”.The journey of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin finally comes to a close with the Attack of “Titan Season 4” finale episode titled, ‘The Final Chapters (Part 2)’.

‘Attack on ‘Titan S4

The episode picks up right when Armin, Mikasa, and other survivors safely make it to Eren. Before the group could negotiate with Eren, Ymir kidnaps Armin with the help of another Titan, while Mikasa and others were left overwhelmed by the number of Titans they have yet to fight.

After Armin and his party safely land on the Founding Titan, Onyankopon gets heavily injured. At this point, it is unclear where Eren is. This leads Armin to decide to use his Titan powers to blow up all the bones into pieces in hopes of finding him.

However, Armin is suddenly kidnapped by a strange Titan, while Mikasa and others find themselves surrounded by the battle-hardened Nine Titans.

Pieck realises that they don’t stand a chance against them. Deciding to fight back, Pieck leaps for the nape of the Founding Titan but before she can do anything, the War Hammer Titan stabs the Cart Titan.

As things start looking hopeless for Mikasa, Connie, Jean, Reiner, and others, Falco’s Jaw Titan rescues them just in time. Annie then joins Kiyomi Azumabito, whose ship sunk due to his transformation.

Levi, Mikasa, and others divide into two groups.While one headed for the nape of the Founding Titan, the other tried to rescue Armin. In the next scene, Armin realises that he is in the Path, where he meets Zeke and convinces him to change his mind.

After Mikasa and others successfully put down the Titan that had captured Armin, he finally comes to his senses and reveals that Zeke has awakened everyone in the Path.

Zeke leaves the Path after Betold, Porco, Marcel, and others help Mikasa with their zombie-like titans. After regretting how much he has missed, Zeke calls out to Levi, who ends up decapitating him.

Why does Mikasa kill Eren?

While Jean detonates the bomb on the nape of the Founding Titan, Armin sets an explosion on the Founding Titan.

After Eren’s connection with Ymir is severed, families come together, rejoicing over the war’s end but little do they know the threat still looms. While Armin fights Eren in a final showdown, Mikasa is forced to do the last thing she ever wanted.

Once she realizes that Eren’s body is inside the Titan’s mouth, she smashes through its front teeth and decapitates the man she loves the most.

However, in a brief moment before she kills him, they both look at each other fondly, knowing that this is the only way. Mikasa the now-dead Eren.

After witnessing Mikasa’s decision to kill the man she loves for humanity’s sake, Ymir decides to give power to the Titans no longer.

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