‘Attack on Titan’ Anime Ending Explained

“Attack on Titan” fans experienced a majestic ending after a long journey of 10 years. The last episode of the series has already aired and fans can’t get over with it that easily. Some of them have expressed their sorrow on the internet.

As the series progressed and reached its final season we saw the developments in Eren’s character. He transitions from a savior to a blood thirsty Titan.

During the Rumbling we saw Eren marching towards the world outside Paradis with other Titans. However his friends and the Survey Corps come together with the people of Marley to stop Eren. 

We see Armin being the brain of the plan and decides to destroy the Founding Titan. But a Titan Shifter swallows him while he is transforming into a Titan.

The Global Alliance was overwhelmed by Eren’s power and with Hange dead hopes shattered into despair. However, Annie, Gabi, and Falco come together to save them.

We see Armin having self-doubts and questioning his presence and strangely he gets teleported to the Paths Dimension. There he talks to Zeke and requests him to take control over the Titan Shifters to stop Eren. They somehow take control over the spirits of dead Titan Shifters and direct them to fight Eren.

“Attack on Titan” Ending

In the events Mikasa assists Armin in freeing himself from the Titan Shifter while Levi eliminates Zeke. For some time the Rumbling stops and Armin attempts to end Eren’s existence by using his transformation. 

Just when it seems like everything has concluded, Eren reappears in a Titan form. Mikasa, still clinging to her desire of escaping with Eren and living peacefully together finds renewed strength. 

She decapitates Eren within his Titan body and bids him a farewell with a heartfelt kiss. This emotional moment leaves a weight on the hearts of fans.

Armin and Eren in Path Dimension

In the final chapter of “Attack on Titan”, Armin and Eren find themselves in the Paths Dimension. They both acknowledge that there were two objectives for this battle. Firstly they wanted the Global Alliance to be seen as heroes in the eyes of the people. Their second goal was to set Ymir Fritz free. 

Armin confronts Eren about his devastating plan and expresses concern for Mikasa’s injury. In a moment Eren admits that he made a mistake by not intervening in this situation. 

After that Armin offers comfort to Eren and tells him that they will meet again in the afterlife. It’s worth noting that this scene slightly differs from the one presented in the manga, where Armin simply expresses gratitude towards Eren for his sacrifice.

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