Lee Young-ae takes the stage as Maestra: Strings of Truth

Lee Young-ae takes the stage as Maestra: Strings of Truth

The first teaser for tvN’s upcoming mystery Maestra is out

Strings of Truth introducing us to our central character played by Lee Young-ae (Inspector Koo), the famous violinist turned conductor Cha Se-eum.

Right at the beginning, we can tell by the music that things are ~tense~ and in the voiceover we hear a man asking our heroine, “What kind of place is the stage for you?” Our Se-eum is undoubtedly extremely passionate about her work and puts her full self into every orchestra performance and rehearsal.

Se-eum understands the dedication and effort involved, and replies that the stage “is a battlefield, very merciless and wild.” But despite her success, we’re told that our heroine is shrouded in mystery, and the sequence reveals bits of cruelty in her life. When we hear someone being called a monster, Se-eum also continues the voiceover, “Becoming the best orchestra doesn’t just happens.

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Shaken by her memories, Se-eum takes a moment to pull herself together and come to her senses. The trailer closes as he stands in front of the orchestra again, and we end with Se-eum confidently declaring, “As long as I’m here, Han-Phil [Han River Philharmonic Orchestra] will become the best.

Although not yet featured in the series, investment director Lee Moo-saeng (The Glory), Se-eum’s husband Kim Young-jae (Numbers) and Se-eum’s protégé Hwang Boreumbyeol (The Secret Romantic Guesthouse) also star.

For production

directed by PD Kim Jung-kwon with scripts by Choi Yi-yoon and Hong Jung-hee. Maestra: Strings of Truth, adapted from Philharmonia’s 2018-19 French series, will premiere next month on December 9.

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