‘Napoleon’ Tops Global Box Office Despite Of Bad Reviews & Hunger Games’ Dominance

With a simply written story portraying the life of Napoleon Bonaparte, Ridley Scott’s historical movie “Napoleon” became a hit in most parts of the world. 

It has made more than 78 million dollars worldwide since it was released and this is due to its popularity. With the latest data we can see the jump in the viewers and the rising popularity of this movie.

“Wish” a new Disney animated movie was outgrossed by “Napoleon” during Thanksgiving weekend despite receiving mixed reviews from critics. Although it mainly received major criticisms from the film critics but that didn’t stop the viewers to watch this movie.

Napoleon’s’ Global Opening Weekend Explained

The total collection for the movie is now at $78.8 million after earning $46.3 million overseas just this past weekend making it the highest grossing film internationally and globally this week.

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Although “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” has been number one at the domestic box office for two weeks running, it earned only $26.2 million on foreign shores. Approximately $100 million mark will soon be broken by “Napoleon.”

The movie “Napoleon” received a good rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It needs to generate significant revenue in order to achieve success. Considering its production costs it will require greater earnings to be profitable.

Napoleon’ Movie’s International Success

Once the movie becomes available for streaming on Apple TV+ the hope is that its theatrical release will contribute to its popularity when it eventually arrives on the streaming platform.

Moreover there are reasons why the Napoleon movie performed better in countries compared to domestic theaters. Featuring a figure from Europe the film managed to capture a considerable portion of the European markets attention.

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Particularly noteworthy is its success in the U.K., France, Germany and Italy where it generated $33 million – accounting for 71% of its international revenue. It’s worth mentioning that the film has yet to premiere in Asian markets, like China, Japan and Korea.

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