Country singer Kane Brown gets Vasectomy after getting his wife pregnant!

Singer Kane Brown, whose song ‘Heaven’ became a massive hit reveals that he has got a vasectomy after learning his wife, Katelyn Jae was pregnant for the third time.

“I’m scared for three [kids]. I guess it was God’s plan,” the 30-year-old said on the “Bobby Bones Show” Thursday. “Kate got me neutered already.”

The surprise pregnancy

Kane and Katelyn have two daughters- Kingsley and Kodi who are 4 and 2 years old respectively. Kane shares that the third pregnancy came as a surprise and went into detail about how he came to know about it.

Recalling the incident, the ‘Heaven’ singer said that he was flying via private jet to Michael Jordan’s golf course when his wife called him up to share the news of her pregnancy.

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“So on the whole flight down, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, like, what’s going on? … I hope that she’s wrong,” he recalled before adding, “So, she lands, and then she’s pregnant.”

Brown honestly admitted that neither he nor his wife were ready for a third baby. They already had two daughters and were not planning for a third child yet. However, they got excited when they learned about the gender of the baby.

“We had two girls. We weren’t trying this time. My game if you know what I’m talking about is strong,” he joked.

“It turns out it’s a boy.”

However, the singer’s wife urged Brown to get a vasectomy to prevent further unexpected pregnancies from happening.

While talking about the procedure, Brown said- “They gave me gas or whatever, but I’m laying on my back and I have a nurse over me and a doctor. They’re just talking about their day and I’m just laying on this table.” The “I Can Feel It” singer said he was “sky high” while lying in a “spread eagle” position.

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Brown and Jae’s Relationship timeline

Brown and Jae got married in October 2018 after dating for two years. They welcomed their first Kingsley in October 2019, and Kodi in December 2021.

In December 2023, they announced the arrival of their third baby and a month later they revealed it was a boy.


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