Circus Appreciation Day 2024; legends in the circus and entertainment industry

Circus Appreciation Day 2024; legends in the circus and entertainment industry

Barnum and Bailey Day are celebrated on March 28 in honour of Phineas Barnum and James Bailey, who created – ” The Greatest Show on Earth”.
They turned the American Circus into a spectacle and entertained the audience for over a century with extravagant performances.

History of Barnum and Bailey Day

Barnum and Bailey Day dates back to the late 19th century, when the legendary duo set up a circus which later came to be known as – “The Greatest Show on Earth.”

They set a new standard for live circus shows, with a blend of tropical animals, challenging aerobics and stunts performed by experts and other thrilling performances. Barnum made use of publicity stunts and media to attract the masses. This feature has heavily influenced the marketing that we see today.

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The day is celebrated to remind us of the joy and impact circuses had in our lives and the duo’s contribution to the entertainment and circus industry. From the popularising circus to its eventual closure in 2017 due to animal welfare concerns and other practices, Barnum and Bailey Day also shed light on the correlation between tradition and progress.

Barnum and Bailey Day is called ‘Circus Appreciation Day’ and falls on March 28.

How do you celebrate Barnum and Bailey Day?

You can look for any nearby circus shows and book tickets. You can also take your friends with you and honour the tradition laid by Barnum and Bailey.

If there aren’t local circus shows, you can watch any film or documentary based on the circus. This way, you can learn more about the basics of the circus industry.

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Host a party at home and invite guests over. To capture the essence of the day, dress up as performers or animals. Post photos on social media with the hashtag #BarnumBaileyDay.

You can also learn circus tricks like juggling, magic or plate spinning. You can watch online video tutorials for beginners and practice at home.

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