‘World Circus Day’- A form of art and Entertainment

Every year on the third Saturday of April, the day raises awareness for the circus arts. This day is an annual holiday to pay respect to all the art forms performed in the circus. The World Circus Federation and the European Circus Association initiated to celebrate this day. The word circus came from the word circle.

History of “World Circus Day”

In 2008, the World Circus Federation was established in France. Its headquarters are in Monte Carlo, Monaco. In 2006, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco became the President of the federation. This federation is a non-profit organisation that supports and promotes the art of circus. This day founded in 2010. The main goal to celebrate World Circus Day is to attract people to the circus and promote its art and culture.

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How to observe “World Circus Day”?

What is a better way to celebrate this day than going to a circus? Going to the circus with your family and friends will make this day even more memorable. If you cannot go to a circus, then watch the documentary The Circus at your home. This day encourages the circus schools and organisations related to circus to organise events across the world. Any participant can register himself to participate and learn more about this day. Click pictures and shoot videos as a memory of this day. Use #WorldCircusDay to share your favourite picture on social media.

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