‘There Is No Link Between Prayers And Fighting’: Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar’s comments come as his alliance, the BJP, faces backlash over the party leadership in Madhya Pradesh‘s contentious decision to emphasise the possessions of people suspected of hurling rocks during a Ram Navami parade.

Remarks of Nitish Kumar

“Peace and harmony amongst communities should always be maintained. Everyone has their method of praying, but it is important that we do not fight amongst ourselves. If you believe in puja (prayer), then perform it properly. Is there a link between prayers and fighting? “In his response to reporters, Nitish Kumar stated. He also stated that his government was on the lookout for any such conflicts in Bihar.

In Bihar, Nitish Kumar is the second BJP ally to speak out about the Ram Navami conflict.

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Statement of Jitanram Manjhi amidst these controversies

Former Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi, the leader of the Hindustan Awam Morcha (HAM), a BJP-led National Democratic Alliance partner, stated last week that he does not have faith in Lord Ram.

“I am not a believer in Ram. Ram was not a divine being. Tulsidas and Valmiki constructed Ram as a figure to convey their philosophy “Mr Manjhi noted. Mr Manjhi further added that “they created the Ramayan, and their contributions are a good source of inspiration and belief. We believe in Tulsidas and Valmiki, not Ram. Son of Jitan Ram Manjhi is in Nitish Kumar and BJP Cabinet in Bihar.

Well, it is a matter of thought but clashing based on religion is not something any religious books teach us.