Brisk walking is very effective in curbing Diabetes – study

A new study suggests that brisk walking may be more effective than jogging, to control blood sugar level in prediabetes stage.

People who have higher than normal blood sugar levels, but not diabetes are advised on how to stay fit. The study included 150 people with prediabetes condition who were divided into four different groups.

One group went through a gold-standard program that included a low-fat, low-calorie diet and moderate-intensity exercise that was equivalent to 7.5 miles of brisk walking in a week.

Brisk walking is very effective in curbing Diabetes - study

The other participants were put into these three groups:

  1. Less amount at moderate intensity equivalent to walking briskly for 7.5 miles a week
  2. High amount of moderate intensity: walking briskly equal to 11.5 miles weekly
  3. High amount of vigorous intensity workout equivalent to jogging for 11.5 miles in a week.

After six months, participants using the three-pronged approach at an average had nine percentage improvement in glucose tolerance.

Those who did exercise only had a 7 percent increase in the moderate-intensity with 11.5-miles group; a 5 percent development in the moderately intensive, 7.5-mile group; and a 2 percent improvement in the vigorous-intensity 11.5-mile group.

High-intensity exercise burns glucose more than fat, and mid-intensity exercise burns fat more than glucose. Fat burning is essentially oxidization and that requires continuous breathing and movement.

Experts over the years have explained the importance of exercises to keep a high metabolism rate. However, recent studies have shown that factors such as water retention capacity and bone density should be given equal attention while devising a fitness plan.

On one hand, there are biological factors that govern fat loss, and on the other, a lot depends on the work rate. A diet is just as important as a workout.

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