Taiwanese Actress Jin Cheng Wedding: 57-year-Old Mother Wears Bikini

Taiwan actress

Paulina, at 57 years of age and mother to the Taiwanese actress Jin Cheng, made a bold fashion statement at the wedding by arriving in a bikini.

This choice of attire, which was modestly concealed with a translucent dress, sparked some disapproval among online communities. Despite her striking appearance, the ensemble ensured that she did not detract from the event in any unintended ways.

Netizen Reactions:

The outfit choice sparked backlash online, with netizens commenting on the appropriateness of such attire for a wedding event.

Initially planning to wear white, Paulina changed her outfit after her daughter’s persuasion, opting for the bikini ensemble instead.

Taiwan actress

Celebratory Support:

Despite the controversy, the wedding, which took place in April, had Paulina’s full support as her daughter Jin Cheng married German actress and video creator Aky Niwa.

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