‘Coffee with D’ movie review, live audience response and box office collection

It is undoubtedly a brave effort to make a satire on Dawood Ibrahim, and Vishal Mishra has taken this daring step through the movie “Coffee with D”.

The film was released on January 20, 2017, and latest responses coming out from the theaters are mixed in nature. “Coffee with D” has Zakir Hussain playing the role of the dreaded don D, while the supporting star cast includes, Sunil Grover, Dipannita Sharma, Anjana Sukhani and Rajesh Sharma.

A brave attempt to make a satire which went in vain

Director Vishal Mishra has faced so many challenges while making this movie, and around one month back, Mishra has complained to police stating that he is continuously receiving threatening calls from unknown people as the film tries to portray Dawood Ibrahim in a very funny manner.

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But unfortunately, the film has literally failed to meet the expectations, and what we witness in theaters was a half-baked flick with some fine moments here and there.

The film revolves around the story of Arnab, a celebrated Indian journalist who is loud-mouthed in nature. Due to his unique mannerisms, the TRP rating of his news show reached new heights, but the channel owner is not at all impressed on his character, and he relegates him to a less important cookery show. This move from the channel owner irritates Arnab, and he decides to go for the big kill; an interview with D, the dreaded underworld don.

Sunil Grover fails to impress, Zakir Hussain excels

The weak link of the movie is the below-average performance from Sunil Grover. The actor was totally clueless about what he was doing, and he literally struggled to enact the character of the loud-mouthed journalist.

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Public response

The saving grace of this film is the performance of Zakir Hussain. The actor literally stole the show with his spot-on comic timing. Dipannita Sharma and Anjana Sukhani had nothing much to do in this film.

Box-office predictions

“Coffee with D” is meant for the multiplex audiences, and in all probabilities, it will collect more than 8 Crores by the end of this weekend.

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