Mukesh Ambani sold his Ecommerce dream for $27 billion, now he has to deliver

Mukesh Ambani sold his E-commerce dream for $27 billion

Mukesh Ambani, one of the leading Indian Billionaires, is upholding the most significant Shares of Reliance Industries. He now focuses on turning the old Reliance Industry into a new intermingle of technology and e-commerce platform.

In the recent year of 2020, Ambani made a total effort to convince Facebook Inc, Google, and Wall Street to invest in his arduous dream, which flushed $27  billion as fresh capital. 

The Reliance industry introduces a local 5G network as the new upcoming plan 

Reliance evolved products would roll out a local 5G network by this year between July and September. They were assimilating Facebook’s Whatsapp payments services into Reliance’s digital platform; by commencing an e-commerce network of physical mom-and-pop shops across the country. On another strategy, the company is also working with Google on an Android-based $54 smartphone, attracting more Indians to use mobile data services and bringing in millions of Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram users.

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Eventually, the companies market value annulus was $179 billion– amid the pandemic, which rose 55% of Reliance shares in September. ‘Nandan Nilekani’, co-founder of Infosys, said,” The jury is out, and there’s a lot of work left to be done.”

Meanwhile, Mukesh Ambani sows the seed at a live stream conversation on Dec.15 to incite a partnership with ‘Mark Zuckerberg’, Co-founder of Facebook.


The Indian tycoon’s original plan was to sell a 20% stake in Reliance oil

Consequently, the Indian tycoon’s fundraising plan from Google and Whatsapp was his plan B. His original purpose was to sell a 20% stake in Reliance oil and petrochemicals division to Saudi Arabian Oil co., At an undertaking value of $72 billion, noting $15 billion valuations for the stake.

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Indianexpress Ambani is under pressure to deliver as the venture capitalists watch his every move. ” As his biggest challenge lies to earn a return on this outlay,” said James Crabtree, the author of, The Billionaire Raj.


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