CBSE Class 12 Board Exams Cancelled

CBSE 12 Class Board Exams Cancelled

Considering the vast number of cases recorded each day in India, the health and safety of the students are now of enormous concern. The CBSE 12 was previously postponed, but according to, the CBSE 12 board exams now have a chance of standing canceled. This decision has to take on Monday, May 17, 2021.

About the meeting to be held:

Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, the Union Education Minister, conducts a virtual meeting today (Monday), May 17, 2021. The meeting is to be conducted between Pokhgriyal and education secretaries of all the states. It is expected that the decision will be made for the cancellation of the examination. The education sector would also be under discussion in the meeting. The impact of the COVID pandemic on studies and the country’s education, and the student’s mental health will also be under question. A New Education Policy (NEP) might also be discussed. The education system will go under a complete survey. There is also a chance there might be online board exams since batch 2021 has not gone through any exams, even the previous year. Everything now depends on the proposal, agreement, and disagreement among the members in the meeting. The CBSE board ten still stands canceled while decisions are pending for the same for standard 12.

Students during the pandemic:

The conditions of the students are the least spoken about amidst the pandemic. While most people believe that the students are having a gala time bunking online classes or not studying, several students face havoc; there are students worried about their future. Most students do not have a proper internet connection to study their respective subjects. In a developing country, the health and well-being of all students of every caste and religion need to be looked upon. Let us hope that the Ministers take decisions that stand for the welfare of everyone.


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