3 Best Novels To Make You Cherish Life

'Anna and the French kiss'

The novel lovers are always in search of a good read. With the pandemic frenzy and anxiousness, there is room for getting lost in fantasy.

A Shakespeare’s tragedy or Emily Bronte’s romance, classic novels hold a major part in a reader’s life. But these novels are not heart-wrenching and full of complications. They are simply mentioned to seek solace and comfort.

Here are some novels I suggest as a reader to all the other novel lovers.

‘Anna and the French kiss’

Anna and the French Kiss is the first novel by Stephanie Perkins. The novel is a light heart romance following Anna Oliphant, sent to Paris for her senior year of high school. There she meets charming Etienne St.Claire, after which she follows a teen romance in Paris’s most romantic city.

‘I Got Your Number’

Written by famous author Sophie Kinsella, this novel follows the story of Poppy, who is shown to be in distress because of losing her engagement ring. She finds a phone in a bin and gives the number to the authorities looking out for the ring. The phone belongs to Sam’s secretary, who basically looks out for every message and calls for him. Sam and Poppy get into a crazy arrangement of sharing the phone. The story follows a detailed romance with humor.

‘Holding up the Universe’

It is a beautiful novel written by Jennifer Niven. The novel not only follows a wonderful romance but also gives an insight into characters and their journey. The story revolves around Jack Masselin who has a strange syndrome that enables him to remember faces, even his family and his own. The second protagonist is Libby Strout, who was once dubbed ‘America’s fattest teen. They get grouped together for counseling due to a ‘bullying game’.

The story follows their bond and overcoming their shortcomings. They change each other’s world and make it better.

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