The US to double its efforts to strengthen India’s capacity to ‘secure its borders’

Eric Michael Garcetti
Eric Michael Garcetti

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President Joe Biden has selected the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Michael Garcetti to be the next envoy to Delhi.

On his confirmation hearing for the US ambassador to India, he remarked
“India is situated in a tough neighbourhood. I intend to double-down on our efforts to strengthen India’s capacity to secure its borders, defend its sovereignty and deter aggression.”

He prodded on providing strength to Indian security and further added to this revelation that
“through information sharing, counterterrorism coordination, joint freedom of navigation patrols and military exercises (which I have participated in as a naval officer alongside my Indian counterparts), and sales of our best defence technologies in order to realize the full potential of our major defence partnership.”

Eric addresses previous relations between the United States and India

Eric Micheal Garcetti is the mayor of Los Angeles and a personal confidant of Jo Biden. He graduated in Hindi and Indian cultural and religious history.

Eric Garcetti argued that the United States and India relations were scarred due to the 1992 Cold war. He put forth the point that it’s time that the collateral relations of the United States and India become strong.

He further elaborated his argument by stating
“Today, the fundamental nature of that strategic partnership is firmly ingrained in both Washington and New Delhi. Twenty years ago President Biden, then Chairman of this esteemed committee, called for a new and ambitious vision of US-India ties. Thanks to successive administrations — Democratic and Republican — and the bipartisan work of this Congress, that strong new chapter is upon us,”

Economic partnership amid COVID 19 pandemic

The pandemic has disrupted the normalcy of life. The economical and social cut-off has affected people’s lives in devastating ways.
Eric Garcetti had answered the questions to economic partnership is this way, he stated
“Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, bilateral trade is expected to reach new heights and if confirmed, I intend to champion an ambitious economic partnership with India that reduces market access barriers and bolsters fair trade, and creates good jobs for the American middle class,”

He also said that
“The bedrock of our partnership are the human ties that connect our nations, embodied by the four million strong Indian-American diasporas that strengthen our nation and the nearly two hundred thousand Indian students and tens of thousands of Indian professionals who contribute to our economy,”

The base of strong relations of India and USA: Strategic, Democratically and environmental aspects

Eric Garcetti prodded on the matter that India and the United States of America have many spheres of a strong relationship.

He clarified this point by saying
“In addition, respect for human rights and strong democratic institutions are key elements of our strategic partnership and values enshrined in our constitutions, and if confirmed, I will engage closely and regularly with the Indian government on these issues,”

The environmental issues were addressed also by him, he said that India would be provided
“green energy through the International Solar Alliance (ISA) and through the agenda 2030 Climate and Clean Energy Partnership.”

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