‘Day of Silence’- Raise Voice to Support Transgender Students

'Day of Silence'- Raise Voice to Support Transgender Students

This year April 8 is recognized as the “Day of Silence.” GLSEN celebrates this day to raise awareness about the effects of bullying and harassment on the LGBTQ community.

History of ‘Day of Silence’

The students -Maria Pulzetti and Jessie Gilliam- organized the first event in 1996 at the University of Virginia. Over 150 students participated in the first year. In 1997, this day went national. About 100 colleges and universities participated. In the last several years, 10,000 people have registered themselves and joined GLSEN. GLSEN developed its student leadership team as a part of “Day of Silence.” These are students from middle school, high school, colleges, and universities all over the fifty states of the United States of America and worldwide.

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How to celebrate ‘Day of Silence’?

If you want to support and celebrate this day, then stay silent whether you’re a part of the community or not. However, this seems impossible, you can put up posters in your schools, colleges, and communities. Spread the word around who can participate in this. Merchandise will also spread awareness, including t-shirts, buttons, tattoos, and many other things. This will help people to celebrate the day. The supporters can announce how to get in touch with the student bodies. Inform and convince your teachers and professors to support the cause ahead of time.

Why stay silent?

The silence saves people from answering any awkward questions. This day helps people provide knowledge to other people on their own time. The silence prevails to assist in raising the awareness of prejudices that people face in the community. The celebration of this day should be spread among the masses. Once the day ends, throw light on the struggles that this community people face. The demand for change is what society needs.

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