How Forward-Thinking Businesses Provide Flexibility To Their Customers

How Forward-Thinking Businesses Provide Flexibility To Their Customers

When we think about providing flexibility to a business audience, it’s easy to think of the long-form business-client relationship. This is because the longer a client stays with a firm, the more adaptable the provisions they can offer them. Over time, this means they may offer the client lines of credit, assign them a specialist from the department, or just ensure that extraneous requests are met – for example, driving them from the airport as opposed to having them make their own way to your premises for their meeting.

While not every customer will be defined as a ‘client,’ it can be healthy to think about how you might help them feel like one. Providing flexibility, optional provisions, and an adaptable service can be a fantastic idea. For instance, consider how for relatively cheaply, services like Amazon Prime allow you to gain free delivery for a cut price rate. When you subscribe to that service, you now have an incentive to use that brand over others.

So, let’s consider how that provision might be granted to our customers:

Monthly & Annual Subscriptions

Many companies, as a means of earning more revenue, will establish monthly subscription services. These can also ensure long-term loyalty from your base as mentioned above, and it may even allow you to curate some real value for them. For instance, you may offer free delivery, a loyalty points redemption offer, insider access to certain products or services, or simply better provisions, such as access to priority support from your team, the ability to opt for your full package of software rather than buying individual pieces outright, and more. 

For instance, Adobe, a known expensive software-standard provider of creative suites switched to a subscription model, and have grown a healthy user base of students as opposed to selling their software for thousands of dollars each time. Just make sure a service that allows you to process payments every month is properly integrated so the approach goes smoothly.

User Accounts

A user account may seem simple on the surface, but it can provide a customer with a range of options. Here they may be able to set up their address and payment information so they don’t have to fill that info out every time they order from you. You may also have order preferences and recommendation preferences set so they can see more of what they wish to on your website. User accounts can also offer enhanced order security by enabling multi-factor authentication. On top of that, users with accounts can be optionally enrolled in a newsletter that helps your business keep its audience updated.

App Development

While using your website is possible from mobile devices, it’s so much better to have an app available. These, coded well, can run more smoothly, can use device security measures like biometrics, and may even offer measures like downloading support guides straight from the library or offering security measures so that if someone calls through the app, they don’t have to prove their identity thanks to passing your checks beforehand. For all of the worth this offers, app development is a tremendously worthwhile resource.

With this advice, you’re certain to see how forward-thinking companies offer their customers more flexibility, in 2022 and beyond.

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