Watch Modi’s Full Speech at Madison Square Garden

Narendra Modi’s first visit to the US after being sworn in as India’s PM triggered immense interest among the NRIs, with the Prime Minister doling out much to hope for.

Delivering his speech in front of around 20,000 people at the iconic Madison Square, Modi appreciated the overwhelming support and response from the Indian Diaspora for their contribution in making him the Prime Minister.

Modi at the MSG

The PM kicked off his speech by thanking the mass for showering cheers upon him, which he said was a first for any political figure.

He was also quick enough to thank the NRIs with many an announcement that made the Indians staying abroad an excited lot.

Modi, in his speech, urged the 1.25 billion citizens of India to make development and progress a people’s movement.

He also emphasized on the 3 Ds of democracy, demographic dividend and demand in leading the nation through the path of success.

Narendra Modi Madison Square Garden – Full Speech:

Modi has stated that PIO (Persons of Indian Origin) card holders would now be granted lifetime visas. He also said that he would initiate measures to put an end to the hassles faced by NRIs with non Indian spouses.

He also said that US tourists can now avail the service of being granted visa on arrival to India.

The Prime Minister would be meet with former president Bill Clinton and his spouse Hilary Clinton before addressing the Council on Foreign Relations.

He would be leaving for Washington later in the day where he would have his meeting with President Obama at the Whitehouse.

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