Some in Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan return to work after COVID infections

Some in China return to regular activity after COVID infections


Some people in China’s pivotal cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan braved the cold and a spike in COVID-19 infections to return to regular activity on Monday, confident of a boost to the economy as more recover from illnesses.

“After the end of this lockdown, we don’t have to scan the health code anymore, nor do we have to check the travel code,” said one of those in the park, Yang, who gave only one name.

“So we are free now.”

Also at the lake was Zhong, a 22-year-old college student, who said he had stayed home for two or three weeks after getting infected.

“Now I can go out, and it’s good timing for the New Year’s Day holiday,” he added. “I want to go around Beijing, look and feel the festive mood.”

Monday was a public holiday, but traffic in the capital has built up again in the last few days as people flock to outdoor sites, although business is still slow in some smaller, confined locations, such as restaurants.

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The owner of a Beijing seafood restaurant said patrons had not returned to full strength.

“I expect this situation to linger through the Lunar New Year holiday,” said Chen, who gave only his surname. “I am counting on business to be more normal after the holiday.”

“Work production, life, and entertainment are all getting back to normal levels,” added Wu, a tutor at a private training center.


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