Prince Harry was suffering ‘from a frostbitten penis’ at William and Kate’s wedding

Prince Harry should be stripped of royal title after Netflix series, almost half of the British public says

The biography has leaked ahead of its release in the UK next week (10 January).

In it, Harry describes his painful experience with frostbite following a 200-mile expedition to the North Pole in March 2011.

He said the frostbite affected his ears, cheeks, and “todger.”

During the trip, the Duke of Sussex was joined by four veterans who fought in Afghanistan, reports Page Six.

In his book, Harry explains that while standing by Prince William’s side during his wedding in April 2011, he was still recovering from his injuries.

Harry described the after-effects of the expedition on his body: “While the ears and cheeks were already healing, the todger wasn’t. It was becoming more of an issue by the day.”

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Following the wedding, Harry says that he went to the doctor after using Elizabeth Arden cream, Page Six reports.

Elsewhere in the memoir, Harry reveals that he was circumcised as a baby, despite numerous reports detailing that he wasn’t.

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The Duke of Sussex recalled that whether he and his brother William were circumcised “was a matter of public record, and indeed some public curiosity.”

He writes in the memoir, “There were countless stories in books and papers (even The New York Times) about Willy and me not being circumcised.”

“Mummy had forbidden it, they all said, and while it’s true that the chance of getting penile frostbite is much greater if you’re not circumcised, all the stories were false. I was snipped as a baby.”

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