Netflix to stream ‘The Interview’ starting this Saturday

It was mired in controversy even when it was being made. It even jumped on to the scene and attracted some serious threats on the movie centers. But since making its calm entry through digital releases and on limited screen, controversial movie ‘The Interview’ has been doing smooth in terms of viewership. It is as if nothing really happened.


The Interview has just been invited from further services to pursue its normal run. And that comes across as a good move too in this world of unnecessary controversies.

Popular video stream service Netflix is the one that has of late joined the list of those providing the space for the screening of the movie. The Interview has been now added on Netflix and the subscribers in the United States and Canada can subscribe to the movie starting this Saturday – January 24th.

Earlier, the movie posed a serious threat upon its release after an alleged Korean hacking group sent out attack threats to the movie centers. This had forced Sony Entertainment to pull Te Interview out of a planned wide release of the movie. Following that episode, the flick was released on digital platforms on December 24th and on limited screens a day later.

However, the movie did a fair job with its limited release by posting a collection of $40 million from the online rental services like Google Play, YouTube and Xbox Network. The movie became the most successful digital release for the studio. It was also available for streaming on the website

The Seth Rogen movie also gathered around $6 million from its limited screen release, with an opening day gross of $1 million in the US screens.

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