Committee been made to analyze Rahul Gandhi Cambridge speech

In the speech made by Rahul Gandhi at Cambridge University, he made various remarks regarding Indian democracy and an attack on the Indian constitution. After Rahul gave his remark, there were various protests against his thoughts in India. Many politicians and Prime Ministers mentioned this in their speeches and tweets.

Currently, the government is making a committee to analyze Rahul’s thoughts, whether it affects the Indian democracy and constitution or not. And if they find any remark that harmed or can potentially harm India’s status on the global level, then strong action would be taken.

There are several outcomes expected from the committee, In that expulsion can also be considered. BJP is continuously making demands to suspend or expel Rahul Gandhi from parliament.

If Rahul Gandhi gets suspended, it will be a disastrous moment for his constituency (Wayanad) as there will be no representative from his constituency in the Lok Sabha.

Similar situation in 2005 (cash for query scandal)

There was the same kind of scenario in 2005, as a new committee was made to identify the MPs taking a bribe to ask a question in the parliament.

A five-member committee was made under the ethics committee, consisting of opposition party members as well. The committee consists of Pawan Kumar Bansal, VK Malhotra, Ram Gopal Yadav, Md Salim, and C Kuppusum.

This committee further gave a 38-page report and voted to expel the MPs from parliament on behalf of the same parliament.


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