Outsmarting The RNG in Genshin Impact

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The game Genshin Impact has slowly taken over the world with its complex worldbuilding, unique character designs, and competitive gameplay. The game has received acclaim for its production throughout the years. And it does look like it will be stopping anytime soon.

For newbies, they would like to ask how they can feasibly get as many primogems as they can. The answer to that is a list of ways that they can outsmart the RNG in the game. These ways are:


The first way to outsmart the RNG is to grind hard. The game is grindy in nature compared to a game like virtual bingo. For video game newbies, you may ask, what does “grind” mean? Grind is a term taken from video game culture, and it pertains to repeating an action or set of actions to achieve a desired result.” The goal for Genshin Impact has been simple: get more primogems for your next desired rare character.

Ways that you can grind are to explore the new areas and get the chests. The chests in the areas of the game give you additional primogems aside from the Daily Commissions that you have to do. So exploring and getting the chests in a new area will give you more primogems than doing the Daily Commissions daily.

By having more primogems from grinding, you can save more and not use them to refresh for times you are building your characters.

Pity System

Next, is that you have to understand how the pity system works. The rule of thumb regarding a limited-character banner is that within 90 pulls, you will get a rare 5-star unit. However, the actual math agrees only to a certain amount. Some non-profit organizations have dedicated their time and data to studying and confirming this phenomenon.

According to these independent studies, the pity system will give you a 5-star unit within the limited 5-star banner of 90-120 pulls. Sad news, though, for those who have lost the 50-50: you may need to grind even more for more primogems so that you are guaranteed. That is another way to outsmart the RNG and pity system of the game.

Character Investments

Next is that you should be strategic about your character investments. That may apply to what part of the game you currently are in. For beginners who have just started the game and free-to-play gamers, you may have to put your resources into building free-to-play friendly units. These units are Xianling, Kaeya, Rosaria, and Sucrose.

Once you can go onto the 5-star units, you can also opt to get the feasible ones, not just the ones you want for waifu and husbando reasons. Some of these five-star units are Kazuha Kaedahara, Albedo, and Diluc.


Lastly, if you want to utilize every opportunity to get primogems, then you should be doing your Abyss runs. The Abyss runs the endgame content of the game. Therefore, the Abyss gives you plenty of primogems, especially if you have 9-star floors. However, being an Abyss player does mark you out as a meta player.

You may need help to build your characters and make them Abyss-ready.

Wrapping Up

There are ways you can hoard primogems without resorting to credit cards. However, it will be worth it if you’re willing to work hard. After all, there’s nothing like the feeling of a shiny new character to make you feel better about your hard work.

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