Actor Allen White caught kissing, confirms divorce rumors

Actor Allen White caught kissing, confirms divorce rumors

The “Bear” actor filed for divorce in May, after more than three years of marriage.

Jeremy Allen White was spotted kissing a woman on Saturday while he was divorcing his ex-wife Addison Timlin.

In these photos, the 32-year-old ‘Shameless’ star is seen kissing a woman wearing a patterned shirt and baseball cap while holding a woman’s hand in Los Angeles.

According to the photo of the tattoo, the woman looks like model Ashley Moore and was identified as a model by TMZ. People contacted his team for details.

Actor Allen White caught kissing, confirms divorce rumors

Jeremy Allen White’s personal life has been getting a lot of attention lately. The “Shameless” star hugs model-actress Ashley Moore in Los Angeles.

Just a week after Jeremy had a similar moment with Addison Timlin, the oddball woman his daughter plays football with, it has caught people’s attention that Jeremy has now declared his love affair with another woman.

TMZ was able to capture photos and videos of Jeremy and Ashley talking, suggesting the couple were intimate during Saturday’s walk.

In the photos, Jeremy, best known for playing Carmen Camille Belzato on Hulu’s hit series “The Bear,” wears a polka dot shirt, pocket handkerchief, cap, and white sneakers.

Meanwhile, Ashley was wearing black tights and a hoodie.

Actor Allen White caught kissing, confirms divorce rumors

The best moment came when they found each other on the pavement and Jeremy passionately kissed Ashley on the lips while holding her face gently. Known for appearing in Drake’s 2013 “Hold On We Going Home” music video, Ashley seems inspired by the charming character and has her arms around the actor.

Allen White divorce:

The timing of Jeremy’s public declaration of his love for Ashley is interesting because it comes from when he is still divorcing Addison Timlin.

The couple announced their separation in September 2022, and Addison filed for divorce the following May.
Their divorce is still pending.

The situation got worse when Jeremy and Addison spent a little over a week spending happy hour at their 4-year-old daughter Ezel’s football game.

Despite their differences, they embrace with love and are seen adapting. After ten years of being together, the couple married in 2019 and gave birth to two daughters.

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