Watch ‘Mission Raniganj’ Trailer: The Great Bharat Rescue Wows with Akshay Kumar’s Performance

Watch 'Mission Raniganj' Trailer: The Great Bharat Rescue Wows with Akshay Kumar's Performance

The trailer of ‘Mission Raniganj’ starring Akshay Kumar in the lead has left netizens in awe, and they want to see the amazing acting in this movie.

The trailer garnered impressive views just 24 hours after its release. The discussion on Twitter under the hashtag #MissionRaniganjTrailer influenced the charts.

According to the life of a true hero, Jaswant Gill has to race against time to save miners trapped in a flooded coal mine in November 1989 Raniganj.

About the trailer of ‘Mission Raniganj’

The trailer received critical acclaim, and several of the best moments caught the audience’s attention.

The scene where the miners are trapped is beautifully shot and reveals the quality of the film’s cinematography. This outstanding trailer has many features that make it perfect for theatrical viewing.

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From Akshay Kumar’s underwater stunts to powerful dialogues, it evokes emotion and affection. Akshay Kumar’s look in the film is mesmerizing.

His emotions are shown perfectly and show his struggle to overcome depression. The trailer ends with a chilling moment where Akshay Kumar prays, demonstrating the transformative power of storytelling.

Playing the pivotal role of the Late Jaswant Singh Gill, Akshay Kumar showcases the unwavering determination of Gill and his courage in rescuing miners trapped inside the Raniganj coal mine.

The powerful background music blends seamlessly with the breathtaking scale of the film. Additionally, the trailer highlights Jaswant Gill’s innovative rescue technique, which is being used for the first time ever, further showcasing his courage in saving lives.

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Parineeti Chopra, who portrays Jaswant Gill’s wife, makes a notable appearance. The talented star cast of Kumund Mishra, Rajesh Sharma, Pavan Malhotra, and Ravi Kishan, to name a few, also have been revealed. The notable names have a proven track record of creating a huge difference with their impactful performances.

With such an ensemble and talented cast being roped in for the film, the anticipation amongst the fans to watch the film in cinemas has paved to a different level.The film’s setup & scale looks grand, especially the calamity scenes, which appear incredibly realistic, something we have never seen before.

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