Katrina Kaif is WhatsApp’s Top Celeb, Outshines Zuckerberg & Bad Bunny – See Who Has How Many Followers

Katrina Kaif is WhatsApp's Top Celeb, Outshines Zuckerberg & Bad Bunnyl - See Who has How Many Followers

Katrina Kaif became the most popular person on the WhatsApp channel, beating Bad Bunny, Mark Zuckerberg, and many more.

Katrina Kaif has one more reason to be happy. The Bollywood actor has a huge worldwide following through her new WhatsApp channel.

Her channel currently has 14 million followers; That number is even higher than that of singer-rapper Bad Bunny and Mark Zuckerberg, owner of WhatsApp’s parent company, Meta.

Who’s got how many followers?

Per rankings published at the time of this report, WhatsApp has the most followers at 23 million, followed by the streaming app Netflix at 16.8 million. On the no. 3 spot is the official channel for Real Madrid at 14.4 million.

Katrina takes the fourth spot with her 14.2 million followers. Bad Bunny is on No. 5 spot with 12.6 million followers. Mark Zuckerberg has 9.2 million following him.

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Katrina joined the channel on September 13, saying, “Hii, Welcome to my WhatsApp Channel.. Let’s start Channelling ..” So far, she has only shared a couple of selfies and an ad video for Uniqlo, for which she has become the brand ambassador.

She did not post the teaser for her upcoming film Tiger 3. Katrina Kaif commented on the launch of WhatsApp Channels, “I am delighted to collaborate with WhatsApp for the launch of WhatsApp Channels.

This platform provides me with an exciting opportunity to connect with those interested in various aspects of my life, be it my work in the film industry or my ventures in the business world, all of which I am deeply passionate about.

WhatsApp Channels serves as a personalized newsletter through which I can share insights and updates with my dedicated audience, fans, and all those who have consistently shown their support throughout my journey.”

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