How AI could affect 44% of workers, according to Morgan Stanley

How AI could affect 44% of workers, according to Morgan Stanley

The rise of artificial intelligence has been quite fascinating. It has been quite a fast growth of AI. The rise of AI has changed various industries, and it has been quite an experience for many job markets. A big issue that has been going on regarding the rise of AI is that it can have a big effect on the job due to AI. Morgan Stanley has stated the job market can see certain changes due to the rise of AI. AI is to have a $4.1 trillion impact on the workforce. It can affect around 44% of jobs in the coming years. Currently, the effect of AI is impacting 25% of the jobs.

Fear of losing a job by AI is common

This is been quite a serious issue when it comes to AI. Many job seekers have been facing the fear of losing their jobs due to AI. Many sectors have already been affected by the AI. The creative jobs have been hit hard. It is a big scenario as the many jobs that require creative work, like graphic designing or content writing, it all been affected by AI. For many companies, using AI is much better than using humans and giving them employment. It is a much cheaper option for them to do and also much faster. The ability of AI to work and do more while being available at any time is quite attractive for companies.

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The AI industry will grow of billions.

According to Morgan Stanley, the rise of AI can have a 20% adoption rate, which can cause the enterprise to spend around $150 billion. This growth will have a big impact. People need to develop their skills if they want to compete with the rise of AI. They need to have a good development of their skills and need to polish their skills so that they can produce better content that is not being able to be done by the AI.