‘One Piece’ Episode 1080: Spoilers From Manga and Release Date

'One Piece' Episode 1080: Spoilers From Manga and Release Date

After a long battle for freedom in the land of Wano, peace prevailed after Luffy finally defeated Kaido. Momonosuke is set to become the new Shogun of the Wano. The preview for the new “One Piece” episode 1080 has officially been released, and it looks very amazing.

‘One Piece’ Episode 1080: Release date 

The release of the episode will proceed as planned without any delay. Therefore, the official release date for the episode is set for October 22, 2023.

“One Piece” Episode 1080:  Manga Spoilers

The recent episode of “One Piece” was titled “The Morning Comes!. The Others Rest!” In this episode, we witness the Five Elders, the ranking authorities, acknowledging the downfall of two figures and the liberation of Wano.

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People believe that there might be a connection between Luffy and the god-like figure named Nika. In the land of Wano, people are joyfully celebrating their freedom. Educating the younger generation about Oden, a significant historical figure. 

The Nine Red Scabbards are organizing a ceremony to honor their comrades at a temple. Luffy and his companions spend time at a bathhouse. These two injured individuals, Drake and Hawkins, engage in conversation while news spreads that Ryokugyu, a Marine officer, is heading to Wano on orders.

Momonosuke expresses his desire to confront Ryokugyu alone as a demonstration of his ability to protect Wano. He manages to wound Ryokugyu. But Ryokugyu senses the immense Haki of Shanks nearby. Thus Ryokugyu retreats from Wano. 

Meanwhile, Law joins Robin and Sukiyaki as they are shown a city housing the Road Poneglyph—an artifact revealing important information about Wano’s past. Sukiyaki explains the history of Wano and raises concerns about the release of Pluton if the country’s borders were opened.

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In the Flower Capital, both the Straw Hat crew and samurai express admiration for the bravery displayed by the Scabbards. Carrot assumes leadership over Mokomo Dukedom, while Shinobu surprises everyone with her appearance. Luffy, Law, and Kid discuss their paths and speculate on Buggy potentially rising as one of the Emperors.

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