‘The Kingdoms of Ruin’ Episode 3 Spoilers: A Character’s Death, Release Dates And Timings

The anime series “Kingdom of Ruin” is an adaptation of a manga created by Yoruhashi. The manga has gained popularity for its captivating storyline. The anime has managed to attract viewers as well. This new anime premiered on October 6 2023. The third episode is scheduled to air this week.

The story revolves around a world that is swiftly progressing in terms of technology. Magic still thrives, thanks to the presence of witches. However, due to the advancements, humans have grown to hate magic. They want to eliminate magic by relentlessly hunting down the witches.

“The Kingdoms of Ruin” Ep3: Release Dates And Timings

The “Kingdom of Ruin’s” third episode is scheduled to launch on October 21, 2023, at 1;53 AM JST, in Japan. Here are the release dates and times for different time zones:

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Time and DateZone
9:53 a.m., October 20Pacific Standard Time
11:53 a.m., October 20Central Standard Time
12:53 a.m., October 20Eastern Standard Time
5:53 p.m., October 20British Standard Time
6:53 p.m., October 20Central European Time
10:23 p.m., October 20Indian Standard Time
12:53 a.m., October 21Philippine Standard Time
2:23 a.m., October 21Australian Central Standard Time

The Spoilers Of Third Episode

“The Kingdoms of Ruin” will be part of the Animeism block on MBS, BS-TBS and TBS. For those outside of Asia you can also watch the latest episode on streaming platforms like Crunchyroll.

Previously, we witnessed Adonis leaving Mayhem Prison Asylum with a vengeance, wreaking havoc on the people. However, things took a turn when Doroka appeared, claiming to be a witch with a desire to bring Chloe Morgan back to life just as Adonis was about to attack Eekhout. Shot Doroka.

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The third episode is likely to focus on the conflict between Adonis and Eekhout. While we’ve already seen glimpses of Adonis formidable abilities, it remains to be seen just how powerful this Redia Empire Operator Executive truly is, in the anime.

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