‘Tokyo Revengers’ Season 3 Episode 6: Spoilers and release date

With unexpected turns and events the “Tokyo Revengers” Season 3 has been surprising its viewers. Mickey is left shattered as he witnesses Emma’s death and we see Kisaki manipulating Mickey. 

These events have left Mickey shocked and he is unable to comprehend anything. “Tokyo Revengers” Season 3 Episode 6 spoilers have arrived and fans are waiting for its release.

“Tokyo Revengers” Season 3 Episode 6: Release date and where to watch

The next episode of “Tokyo Revengers” anime will be released on November 8, 2023. Other regions might get to see the next episode on the next day. You can access the latest episodes of “Tokyo Revengers” anime on the official pages of Disney Plus.

“Tokyo Revengers” Spoilers from the manga

The next episode of “Tokyo Revengers” is titled ‘Rise against.’ The awaited clash with Tenjiku is finally upon us. The entire gang is prepared for battle against the rival gang. This episode will draw inspiration from Chapter 149 of the manga.

Following Emma’s demise Kisaki’s true intentions and schemes will be revealed. While his plan to convince Kiyomasa to harm Draken failed he cunningly manipulated Kazutora into launching an attack on Baji.

After Emma’s demise Mickey would seek his emotional support from Kisaki. Izana too would eventually get ready to join Kisaki in his schemes. Meanwhile the other members of the team at Asagaya hospital will receive the news of Emma’s passing.

In this scenario Takemichi will eventually understand the reason behind Mickey’s growing bitterness which rises from his inability to protect those he cares about.

Given that this is the last opportunity for Takemichi to save everyone in the future he would definitely try to prevent Mickey getting into the hands of Kisaki.

Furthermore Takemichi will attempt to reveal that Kisaki is responsible for Emma’s demise. It will be intriguing to observe how Mickey reacts to these allegations.

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