Is ‘Young Sheldon’ coming to Netflix? 

All the “Young Sheldon” fans are happy about the show coming to Netflix. If you have watched “The Big Bang Theory” then you should be familiar with the nerdy and hilarious character of Sheldon Cooper. 

“Young Sheldon” is a spin-off of that show and is about Sheldon’s younger self. With season 6 of the show completing its airing on CBS the season 7 is about to come soon. Fans are excited about the release of the latest episodes on Netflix. 

When is “Young Sheldon” coming to Netflix? 

OTTention recently announced the release date, for “Young Sheldon” on Netflix. According to their tweet the show was set to make its way onto the streaming platform on November 6th. 

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However it seems that only the first four seasons will be available for streaming at the time. This exciting news has generated anticipation, among fans who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Seasons 5 and 6.

There’s one problem with Netflix airing the show. Due to some licensing agreements it is not accessible on Netflix globally. The availability of streaming “Young Sheldon” is more constrained compared to The Big Bang Theory, which can be found on Netflix in all regions. 

“Young Sheldon” new seasons releasing on Netflix

The latest season of the show can now be streamed on Netflix, in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. It became available in Canada in September 2022, in Australia in February 2023 and in the United Kingdom on July 5 2023.

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This means that the show will provide everyone with exciting adventures. As for the season, it premiered on CBS in September 2022. It took a while for it to be available for streaming on Netflix, in the UK, Australia and Canada.

Based on the release schedule of season 5 it seems that Canadian viewers can expect to watch the season by the end of 2023. On the hand audiences, in Australia and the UK might have to wait until 2024 to enjoy it.

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