‘Oshi no Ko’ chapter 131 spoilers: Aqua meets his grandmother 

In the “Oshi no Ko” chapter 131 we get to finally learn what’s inside the Ai’s DVD. As it was already known that it is an important part of the script. This time we get to know about it in more detail.

In the previous chapter we saw Mem-Cho getting back to her professional life. Although Mem-Cho has experience in acting she was never a part of any movie. 

She is nervous and at the same time is ready to face new challenges. We also get to see Aqua telling Memo-Cho about his efforts to bring the movie to fruition and that she was of great help.

“Oshi no Ko” chapter 131 spoilers: Ai’s Secrets

Chapter 131 of “Oshi no Ko” will be titled “Atonement ” as revealed by the spoilers. In the chapter Aqua was seen watching Ai’s DVD and the upcoming chapter will continue from there. 

Ai starts sharing her backstory through the DVD about the time before she became famous. It appears that Ai was compelled to live in a facility after being caught stealing in the past. However she eventually encountered Ichigo Saitou, who scouted her after she ran away.

Despite being welcomed by B Komachi members Ai was too young. She needed someone to vouch for her. In order for her to officially join Strawberry Productions under these circumstances Ichigo had to pay someone at the facility and get Ai’s name on a contract.

“Oshi no Ko” Chapter 131 Spoilers: Truth and Lies

In chapter 131 of “Oshi no Ko” there are some spoilers that revolve around the filming process of the movie called “15 Year Lie.” During a break Kana, Mem Cho and Akane were engaged in a conversation where they talked about the authenticity of the story portrayed in the film. 

Kana estimated that approximately half of it could be based on reality while Akane firmly believed that as 90% of the plot had to be grounded in truth. Aqua visits his grandmother to have a conversation about Ai. His grandmother shares that Ai was her cherished daughter and expresses affection towards her. 

However at the tender age of 9 Ai’s beauty attracted attention from her fiancé who attempted to charm her. This situation infuriated Aqua’s grandmother and caused a strain within their family ultimately leading to its split.

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