Google’s Competitor OpenAI’s AI-Powered Search Engine – Check Key Features

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OpenAI is rumored to announce its own AI-powered search engine on Monday. This announcement comes as a direct challenge to Google’s long-standing dominance in the search engine market.

The Announcement

According to sources, OpenAI is set to unveil its search engine, which is an extension of its flagship ChatGPT product1.

The Technology

The new search engine will enable ChatGPT to pull in direct information from the web and include citations, making it a more robust tool for users seeking accurate and real-time information1.

The Timing:

The timing of the announcement is strategic, potentially a day before Google’s annual I/O conference, where Google is expected to unveil AI-related products.

OpenAI’s search engine key features

OpenAI’s search engine, which is set to be announced, is expected to have several key features that distinguish it from traditional search engines:

AI-Powered Understanding: Utilizing OpenAI’s expertise in natural language processing, the search engine could offer a more nuanced and context-aware understanding of user queries1.

Real-Time Information and Citations: The search engine will be able to pull real-time information and citations from the web, thanks to its partnership with Bing.

Multimodal Capabilities: It may integrate multimodal capabilities, allowing users to conduct searches using a combination of text and images1.

Competition Heats Up

With the introduction of this new search product, OpenAI is positioning itself as a formidable competitor to Google and other AI search startups like Perplexity.

OpenAI’s Response:

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has refuted reports about launching a search product that could rival Google’s search engine3.