The ‘Kingdoms of Ruin’ Episode 5: Release date & spoilers

The 'Kingdoms of Ruin' Episode 5: Release date & spoilers

The “Kingdoms of Ruin” is an anime adaptation of Yoruhashi’s manga. The story is about a world where witches’ magic has helped humans survive and flourish for centuries. However, with rapid advancement in technology, the kingdom decides to hunt down the witches and end the era of magic.

Till now, four episodes have aired, and fans are waiting for the next episode. In the previous episode, we saw the protagonist getting teleported to the kingdom of witches. He learns about Lunamilia and tells Anna that he already knows the witches’ plan to use Cloe. However, despite this knowledge, he still wanted to bring Chloe back.

Before proceeding, Adonis felt compelled to caution Anna. When attempting to revive Chloe through memories, he vividly recalled the cruelty she had endured in this world. To spare Chloe from experiencing pain again, he instead resurrects Doroka.

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The “Kingdoms of Ruin” Episode 5 release date and time

The 4th episode of “The Kingdoms of Ruin” will be broadcast on November 4, 2023, at 1:53 am JST. New episodes are released every Saturday. If you’re wondering when the next episode of the series will air in your region, check below:

09:53 amPDT
11:53 amCentral Time
12:53 pmEastern Time Zone
5:53 pmBST
10:23 pmIST
02:23 amAustralia

The “Kingdoms of Ruin” Episode 5 spoilers

In episode 5 of The Kingdoms of Ruin, it is likely that Adonis will explain to the witches why he brought Doroka back. The witches need Chloe Morgan to grow quills, which could potentially create conflict in the realm. As a result, fans might witness a situation involving Adonis, Doroka, Anna, and the other witches.

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It’s important for fans to remember that Charmy and Oz, from the National Intelligence Bureau, discovered that Adonis’s body was a fake. Consequently, they might use technology to travel to Lunamilia in search of Adonis.

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