Watch: Aliza Sehar Kidnapping Video Surfaces after Leaked Viral Video Scandal?

Aliza Sehar been Kidnapped after Leaked Video

The case of Aliza Sehar, a Pakistani TikTok star, has sparked controversy and speculation after a video of her being assaulted by a group of men went viral.

The video, which was allegedly leaked by one of the assailants, shows Aliza being dragged and slapped by the men, who also hurl abusive language at her.

Aliza Sehar been Kidnapped after Leaked Video

Aliza’s fans and supporters have expressed outrage and concern over her safety, as some reports claim that the men have kidnapped her and are being held captive.

However, other sources suggest that the video was staged by Aliza herself to gain fame and sympathy and that she is in hiding to avoid legal action. The truth behind the video and Aliza’s whereabouts remain unclear, as the police have not confirmed any details or launched any investigation.

Aliza Sehar been Kidnapped after Leaked Video

Aliza Sehar is one of the most popular TikTok influencers in Pakistan, with over 2.5 million followers. She is known for her lip-syncing and dancing videos, as well as her bold and glamorous style.

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She has also faced criticism and backlash from conservative sections of society, who accuse her of violating Islamic norms and values.

About Aliza Sehar

Aliza Sehar is a Pakistani YouTuber and TikToker who has been in the news recently for various controversies.

Recently, a private video of her was leaked online by a man who lives in Qatar. She approached the FIA cybercrime wing to take action against him. She also denied the rumors that she attempted suicide after the incident.

Aliza Sehar is known for her lifestyle videos that show her daily activities on her family’s farm.