Cooking for 120 Hours Straight: Alan Fisher Cooks His Way to a New World Record

Irish Chef Alan Fisher Makes History with His Cooking Marathon

Fisher broke the world record for the longest cooking marathon, surpassing Hilda Baci’s record by more than 24 hours.

Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records took to X to share about two new world records that an Irish chef has broken. Alan Fisher earned world records for the longest cooking marathon (individual) and longest baking marathon (individual). What’s more impressive is that he broke both the records with just a day of rest in between.

Fisher broke the first record after he cooked for 119 hours 57 minutes straight, surpassing Hilda Baci’s record by more than 24 hours. He claimed the second record by baking for 47 hours and 21 minutes. With this, he broke Wendy Sandner’s record.

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“Records are made to be broken, but for today at least, I can hold both simultaneously. So many sleepless nights, early mornings, anxieties, and financial stress to keep the business alive. Just head down and persevere.

Breaking these records is a fitting way to share our story and create a little awareness about the Irish connection here in Matsue,” Fisher told Guinness World Records (GWR).

In a tweet, Guinness World Records wrote, “Nigerian cooking queen Hilda Baci has been dethroned. Alan Fisher from Ireland cooked for an incredible 119 hours and 57 minutes at his restaurant in Japan.”

Take a look at the tweet shared by Guinness World Records below:

The tweet, since being shared a day ago, has accumulated over 9.4 million views and the numbers are still increasing. Many even took to the post’s comments section to share their thoughts.

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Here’s how people reacted to this tweet:

“What about the rules of not applying until after a year?” posted an individual. To this, GWR replied, “That was just a rumour; records can be broken anytime!”

Another added, “This man bagged two records: The longest cooking marathon and the longest baking marathon, and he did everything the same day. Making it 160 hours in the kitchen. Nah he’s too good.”

“Wow! Congratulations to him. Well. Hilda once held the title, and her name will forever remain in history,” expressed a third. A fourth shared, “Wow, how could he stay in the kitchen for so long! So passionate.”

“Congratulations to the new record holder, Alan Fisher,” commented a fifth.

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