Watch: Nana Patekar’s Video Of Him Hitting A Fan Goes Viral, Actor Apologizes

Nana Patekar's Video Of Him Hitting A Fan Goes Viral, Actor Apologizes

After going viral, a video featuring Bollywood star Nana Patekar slapping a fan sparked outrage. Patekar later expressed regret for the event, stating that it was an error made during the filming a scenario.

He said he would find the fan and apologize, but he couldn’t find him. Demands for legal action against Patekar and the film team were raised after the occurrence.

Filmmaker Anil Sharma asked viewers to accept the reality, confirming that the incident was a part of the production.

Nana Is In The City, Filming A Movie

In his video message, Nana claimed that the fan arrived there in the middle of a shoot, which caused confusion and led to the incident.

The youngster was nowhere to be found when the actor and the film team realized their error and began to apologize. In his video message, Nana added, “I asked my team member to search him as I wanted to express my apology to him but he could not be found.” Despite the intense crowd, the shooting continued unhindered because the locals were cooperating fully.

A video that showed Nana hitting a boy during a filming shoot while he attempted to take a photo with him went viral earlier in the morning.

Complaint Filed For Abusing The Boy

Later, the child was shoved and grabbed by an escort carrying Nana. Several groups began requesting that a complaint be filed for the boy’s abuse by the Bollywood actor and the film team.

After a video purportedly showing Nana Patekar hitting a fan went viral, director Anil Sharma came forward to offer his support. According to Sharma, the event shown in the video is actually a scene from their next movie, Journey. He tells us that while they were filming in Varanasi, someone in the audience took a phone video of the scene and released it.

Sharma highlights how inaccurately Nana is portrayed on social media and asks followers to realize the real story behind the video. The most recent role Nana Patekar had was in The Vaccine War, directed by Vivek Agnihotri.

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