Impressive line-up for Netflix’s upcoming drama ‘Melo Movie’

Impressive line-up for Netflix's upcoming drama 'Melo Movie'

The impressive cast for Netflix’s upcoming project ‘Melo Movie’ has been revealed. Choi Woo Shik and Park Bo Young will star as the main leads, whereas Lee Jun Young and Jeon So Nee will appear as second leads.

Overview of ‘Melo Movie’

‘Melo Movie’ is a Netflix original series that will tell the tale of young dreamers trying to achieve success whilst juggling between love and ambition. The drama is a heartwarming story of inspiration, struggle and healing. This drama will be your warm cup of cocoa on a winter day.

Character portrayal

Choi Woo Shik will portray the character Go Kyum. Go Kyum is an actor who can be seen portraying only minor roles. Later, he transitions into a movie critic. He meets Kim Moo Bi, whose name sounds similar to ‘movie’. Being passionate about movies, Go Kyum gets drawn towards Moo Bi. Park Bo Young will star as Kim Moo Bi. Moo Bi also works in the film industry. She decided to pursue this line primarily because of her father who has held cinema over his own daughter. Moo Bi just wants to live a quiet life minding her own business but when she encounters Go Kyum, her world changes.

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Actor Lee Jun Young will portray the role of Hong Si Joon, who considers himself a genius composer despite not getting affiliation for his works. With his cute charm, he is sure to win the hearts of female fans as a second lead.

‘Our Blooming Youth’ actress Jeon So Nee will act as the second lead in ‘Melo Movie’ as Son Joo Ah. She is a screenplay writer and Hong Si Joon’s ex-girlfriend. Viewers can anticipate classic strife between Joo Ah and Moo Bi in the series.

Oh Choong Hwan is the director of the series, known for directing fascinating dramas like ‘Hotel Del luna’, ‘Castaway Diva’, ‘Doctors’, ‘Big Mouth’, and many more.

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