Kim Kardashian’s Balenciaga Tag Twist: Fashion Mishap or Bold Trendsetter?

Kim Kardashian's Balenciaga Tag Twist: Fashion Mishap or Bold Trendsetter?

After Kim Kardashian was photographed with the Balenciaga label on her dress, one person said, “I hope I don’t see girls wearing the brand at events anymore.” he said.

Kim Kardashian organized Paris Fashion Week on March 3. Taking photos before attending an event. She was wearing a beautiful, strapless black dress that reached the floor. While she looked beautiful in her black dress, the name tags hanging from her skirt caught everyone’s attention.

When he posted the photo, the word “Balenciaga” was clearly visible on the tag. The reality star and businesswoman even posted a video on her Instagram Story showing off the tags attached to the back of her clothes. “To me, Balenciaga will always be Balenciaga,” he captioned the video, along with a black heart emoji.

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Watch Kim Kardashian show off her black Balenciaga dress here:


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Kim Kardashian shared this video on her Instagram Story. Since then, the video has received many likes and comments.

Here are people’s reactions to the video:

One person said, “This is a new species.”

Another added, “This is beautiful.”

“I hope I don’t see girls wearing name tags at events anymore,” said a third.

A fourth person said: “Sometimes when I want to change clothes, I also wear a dress with a tag on it.”

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Kim Kardashian Balenciaga is known for her long-time relationship. She attended the Met Gala in 2021 wearing black Balenciaga. The costume includes a full-body suit, gloves, and a mask that covers the entire face.

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What he sees is her ponytail. The Met Gala seems to have caused a lot of controversy; While many praised his courage and creativity, others criticized him for being too bad and misunderstanding the event’s spirit. Kardashian later explained that the dress was inspired by the movie “Dune” and that she wanted to create a beautiful performance.

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