Chinese Hotel’s Robot Room Service Goes Viral! See the Incredible Video Now

The hotel in Shanghai, China has a special dish that will delight travel vloggers.

A travel vlogger named Ken Abroad posted a video on Instagram showing a funny little video that went viral. robot. Filmed in Shanghai, China, the movie surprised people by offering delicious food robots.


The film begins with the hopeful moment when Ken hears a loud noise indicating that something extraordinary has arrived, a robot service room. With curiosity and excitement, he said, “Yes, the phone is ringing. So the robot is here.” said. When he opened the door, he was greeted not by a human, but by a robot patiently waiting to deliver his food order.

Scenes of the future unfold as Ken interacts with the machine and presses “Open” to reveal the well-packaged food in the robot meal. After taking the order, the robot returned with a single click, prompting Ken to express his surprise: “This is really cool. Thank you for your delivery. ”

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Watch the video here:


This experience made Ken and his followers appreciate the efficiency and innovation of delivery robots.


Netizen Reactions

Many netizens liked this video I heard about it. “They tried this in the United States and got hacked and stolen within two hours,” he wrote in the comments section of the social media post. The video is on Instagram. “I think so. Are the meals made by robots? said another. “This is happening in China right now, haha,” another comment read.

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