MacKenzie Scott Gives Away Huge $640 Million to Hundreds of Nonprofits

MacKenzie Scott Gives Away Huge $640 Million to Hundreds of Nonprofits

Kind billionaire MacKenzie Scott is being extremely generous by giving away a massive $640 million to 361 nonprofit organizations. On Tuesday, Scott’s organization, Yield Giving, and Lever for Change, announced this incredible act of kindness after asking nonprofits to apply for funding.

So Many Organizations Applied for the Money

Over 6,000 nonprofits applied for the funding, which was initially going to be 250 awards of $1 million each. However because the organizations’ work was so impressive, as judged by their peers and external reviewers, Scott’s team decided to increase significantly the number of awards and the total amount donated. Instead of $250 million, they gave over $640 million!

Scott is taking a different approach than her ex-husband, Jeff Bezos, who makes considerable donations to individual celebrities. Instead, she is spreading her enormous wealth to hundreds of smaller organizations doing meaningful community work.

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Scott Gave More Than Originally Planned to Help More Groups

For many recipients, Scott’s donations are genuinely life-changing. Gender Justice, which works for gender equality, received $2 million – the largest one-time donation in history. The organization said this “helps us take our fight for justice and equality to the next level.”

To select who received money, nonprofits first had their work rated by other organizations. The highest-scoring groups then went through interviews with outside reviewers. The 279 highest-rated nonprofits received $2 million each, while 82 others received $1 million each.

Life-Changing Donations Making a Real Difference

Scott’s consistent and thoughtful generosity is making fundamental positive changes in communities. Last December, she gave away over $2 billion in the previous year. In 2022, her team donated $3.8 billion to 465 organizations in just nine months!

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With a current fortune of $36.2 billion, the kind billionaire is sharing her wealth most effectively – by supporting hundreds of vital nonprofit efforts. Her caring spirit and giving nature are inspiring people.

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