Free Software to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

Free Software to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

While choosing free software to transfer photos from iPhone to PC, a few significant variables merit thought: move speed, photograph loyalty, and capacity limit. Quick exchange paces can remarkably decrease holding up times; an assortment of photograph quality choices guarantees consistent exchanges without compromising picture honesty; while boundless free stockpiling bears the cost of comfort, particularly for taking care of enormous photograph documents.

While it’s challenging to find a single solution that perfectly aligns with all your criteria, choosing one that intently lines up with your requirements is reachable. On the off chance that you’re looking for such a device for document move, you have come to the perfect locations. In the wake of assessing different phone transfer software, I tracked down FoneTool, a simple to-utilize application for novices and basically experienced clients.

FoneTool – Free Software to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

When it comes to managing data on your iPhone, the usual suspects are iTunes or iCloud, renowned for their backup functionalities. you could look for choices because of iCloud’s restricted free stockpiling or issues experienced with iTunes.

FoneTool is an enthusiastically suggested answer for moving photographs from iPhone to Windows PC, as well as the other way around. Past photograph moves, it works with consistent sharing of recordings, music, contacts, and more between your iPhone and PC.

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Here’s why FoneTool stands out:

  • Preview and Selective Transfer: Not at all like iCloud or iTunes, FoneTool permits you to see and move photographs from iPhone to PC openly and unfathomably.
  • Rapid Transfer Speed: With FoneTool’s help, moving 100 photographs from iPhone to PC requires just 2 seconds.
  • Data Integrity: Rest assured, FoneTool ensures no data loss during transfers. Moreover, photos from your camera roll or other albums retain their original quality without any compromise.
  • Extensive Compatibility: FoneTool flawlessly works with different iPhone models, going from iPhone 4 to the most recent iPhone 15, alongside various iPad and iPod models. Furthermore, it upholds various iOS adaptations.
  • Intuitive Interface: FoneTool boasts a clear interface and streamlined operations, simplifying the transfer process.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC via FoneTool

The way to move iPhone photos to a PC is quite simple and easy. FoneTool will offer you 2 easy and fast way to transfer your photos to your PC.

#1. Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC Directly

Wondering how to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows PC using FoneTool? Follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Launch FoneTool and connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.

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Step 2. Navigate to Phone Transfer on the Home screen, then hover over iPhone to PC and click Start Transfer.


Step 3. Preview and select the photos you wish to transfer, then click OK to confirm your selection.


Step 4. Select a preferred storage path in Transfer Settings and click the Start Transfer button to initiate the transfer process.


The task can be swiftly accomplished, allowing you to transfer contacts, music, and various files from iPhone to computer simultaneously.

# 2. Selectively Backup iPhone Photos to Your PC

In addition to phone transfer, FoneTool is one of the best iPhone backup software that allows you to preview and selectively back up your iPhone photos to PC:

Step 1: Begin by opening FoneTool and navigating to Phone Backup on the main interface. Opt for Selective Backup and proceed by clicking Get Started.


Step 2: Utilize the icon to preview and select the desired photos, if necessary, then confirm your selection by clicking OK.


Step 3: Once selected, initiate the backup process by clicking the Start Backup button to transfer iPhone photos to your PC.


Tip: If you need to backup iPhone photos to external hard drive windows 10, you can click Backup Storage Path to choose a backup storage location. 

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Moreover, if you’re frequently engaged in photo transfers between iPhone and computer, you may accumulate numerous similar or duplicate photos over time. FoneTool offers a Photo Deduplication function to effortlessly identify and remove duplicate photos, streamlining your photo management process.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, this post has introduced you the best free software called FoneTool to transfer photos from iPhone to PC. With this photo transfer app, you can effectively transfer photos from your iPhone to your PC. If you encounter data loss, you can also use FoneTool to start the recovery process to retrieve all deleted photos.

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