Sketch Video Leak: Antonio Brown Reacts to Sketch’s Allegations

leaked video of streamer and content creator Sketch

The leaked video of streamer and content creator Sketch has garnered reactions from fellow streamers and public figures.

Sketch’s Confession:

Sketch, whose real name is Elijah Peter Best, confirmed that he is the person in the leaked video. He admitted to being a gay OnlyFans model two years ago when the video was shot.

Support from Streamers:

FazeBanks, Los Pollos, and Duke Dennis expressed support for Sketch. FazeBanks even called Sketch back to his house after the leak.

Antonio Brown’s Offensive Remark:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Antonio Brown used an offensive term to describe Sketch in a post on X.

Emotional Reactions

Faze Banks tweeted, “Not everything needs to be broadcast & farmed, but since yall wana jump to crazy assumptions Sketch told me to post these receipts. All the FaZe boys were with him last night. Sketch was my homie yesterday, he’s my homie today, he’ll be my homie tomorrow. You guys are fkn weirdos.”

Jynxzi broke into tears while discussing Sketch’s situation during a livestream.

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Streamer Los Pollos emphasized that people should not judge Sketch based on his past choices.


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