Artsy Cr8tive Initiatives: A YouTube channel dedicated to the art of Meagan J. Meehan

Artsy Cr8tive Initiatives is a YouTube channel that was recently launched by artist and writer Meagan J. Meehan to give audiences a more in-depth view of her work. Meehan is known for her three-dimensional sculptural wall hangings, which are part of an art movement she established (and is currently seeking a trademark for) entitled “Conscious Perceptionalism” which focuses on creating artwork that can be hung on a wall from any direction and thus viewed from all 360-degrees.

To learn more, visit the channel by searching “Artsy Cr8tive Initiatives” on YouTube.

To learn more, visit the channel by searching “Artsy Cr8tive Initiatives” on YouTube.

“Any piece that falls within the art movement I’ve established can be hung up in any direction,” Meehan explained via a recent interview to Entertainment Vine. “It’s all about perception and how people choose to perceive a given piece.” Meehan’s art is wild and abstract, but it is also colorful and cheerful. “It exists only to make people smile,” she stated. “I want it to bring happiness and positivity to the world. I hope my art movement does the same thing; that’s why I want to share it with other artists. We need to do work that encourages looking at things from different points of view. If more people did that when it comes to everything, we would have fewer conflicts overall.”

Raising money for charities

Meehan has experience working a curator and she has arranged exhibitions that have helped to raise money for worthy causes and nonprofits. In October of 2019, she curated a juried art show at the Shabby Tabby Café in the Sayville neighborhood of Long Island. The cafe rescues cats from kill shelters and fosters them until they find loving forever homes; the curated art show raised a few hundred dollars for the cats. “I absolutely want to use my channel to promote any charitable work I do in the future,” Meehan declared. “I have a lot of things planned, and it would be nice to have a video achieve of them via the channel.”

An author as well as a visual artist, Meehan also plans to use the channel to promote her books, short stories, poems, and the works of students who have taken the online creative writing courses that she designs and teaches across a range of genres.

To date, Meagan has published four novels, one collection of poems, one physical children’s book, over three-dozen children’s eBooks, and one collection of poems. An anthology of her horror short stories is due to be released later this year. Meehan is also a produced playwright, but she keeps her plays unlisted since theaters can be hesitant to accept work for production that is readily available online.

New Channel

“The channel is new and small and it’s really dedicated mostly to my own work right now but, in the future.” “I would like to expand it to help raise awareness of other artists,” Meehan explained.

Working as a journalist whilst pursuing her doctorate, Meehan covers the topics of Art, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Leisure and she writes quite a bit about animals, charities, and technology, too. She knows many people across a spectrum of creative industries who might like to have their work featured via video mediums.

“Who knows, maybe I’ll start using the channel to conduct video interviews one day rather than my standard online format,” she mused. “I like to support the arts in any way that I can, and YouTube is a fantastic platform for achieving recognition.”

To learn more, visit the channel by searching “Artsy Cr8tive Initiatives” on YouTube.

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