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The film has five songs, and none have made it into the big league. However, the makers are not to be blamed because the flick is a biopic, and there is not much space for music or romance. The flick has been widely appreciated by the Bihar Diaspora in the Gulf and other regions.

For a state which has been in the news for the wrong reasons, the flick will give the much-needed facelift for the state and reveal one of the reasons why aspirants from the state make it into the top institutions in the country. Bihar also tops in selections into the Civil Services exams, and it is people like Anand Kumar who has made this possible. These sentiments were echoed by Anand Kumar, also a day before the release of the flick. Anand Kumar felt that most stories about his state Bihar were about crime, corruption, and deprivation.

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However, “Super 30” will go a long way in breaking this stereotype image of Bihar. It talks about hope and the immense possibilities for people like him with a noble purpose.  Anand Kumar himself came from an impoverished family but was exceptional in studies and even cleared the entrance exam to a prestigious foreign institution in the UK. However, he had could not go overseas for higher studies due to financial constraints.

This incident made him bitter and encouraged him to start a coaching institution to help underprivileged kids who were exceptional in studies to prepare for exams in premier institutions in the country. He faced innumerable hardships, including educational mafias who charged exorbitant fees to train aspirants for the IIT. The film has not touched upon controversial aspects of Anand Kumar’s life. The film also briefly touches upon the system of reservation, which gives OBC and SC/ ST students a head start and relaxation in cut off percentage in the qualifying exam. The backward communities have criticized the flick for demonizing reservations. 

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Despite all the controversies, the flick is doing well, and one of the reasons for this has been the character of Anand Kumar, who has scrupulously rejected the offer for help from any source. According to a media report, Anand Mahindra had offered financial support to Anand Kumar, and Anand humbly rejected it.

The Patna based educationist has survived and continued on his noble venture with the meager resources he had with him. Anand Mahindra has confirmed this fact in one of his tweets. Anand Kumar has received offers for help from the Prime Minister as well as business houses such as Godrej, Reliance, and the Birla Group.  The entrance exam of IIT is one of the toughest in the world, and hundreds of aspirants flock to coaching institutions spread across the country.

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These institutions charge exorbitant sums, and many have a dubious background and make unverifiable claims. Anand Kumar’s institutions take kids after careful screening, and the most eligible from the underprivileged class make into his famed list of 30 students who are then prepared for the entrance exam. It was not all smooth sailing for Anand Kumar who has faced an assault on his life by goons who wanted extortion money from him. He has been provided security by the Bihar government and has four commandos deployed around him round the clock.

Anand Kumar also faces serious health issues and is being treated at the Mumbai-based Hinduja Hospital for a rare form of an acoustic tumor. He is said to be having only ten years more to live, and the release of his Biopic comes at a very appropriate time. When asked about his health condition, he said that his theory in life is to live the present and not to worry about the future, which is always uncertain. 

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