Twitter suspends Kangana Ranaut’s account permanently

Kangana Ranaut is a lady most talked about these days. She has had fought several battles by herself, winning the public eye. People had always been praising her for her bravery in speaking the truth against the Irish and the powerful. These days, she has used her fan following in the other way. The lady who was standing firm against anything wrong is doing wrong herself.

Her Twitter used to be a medium to spread the truth but is now a source spreading rumors and stupid thoughts that have no proper explanation. She seems to post whatever she thinks without adequate knowledge of the correct situation. From cat-calling every other actor and actress to calling herself superior, she has crossed all the limits by now.

Recently, she posted a video regarding her views about the situation in Bengal and asked for the President’s rule in the state. Such a violent attempt to divert the public’s attention and spread improper information has been looked into by Twitter. As reported by the Times of India, Twitter finally suspended her account on 4th March 2021 for posting violent and irrelevant content. This suspension would hold permanently, as mentioned by Twitter.

Kangana’s reaction to such an activity:

Kangana has always been someone who has never known to say sorry. She and her thoughts have always crossed the imagination someone can put into matters to make it look worse. As a response to the suspension of her account, she has raised race issues calling out Twitter as racists.

She has blamed Twitter for being an American association that likes to live in supremacy for being white-skinned. She further went on to say that they have the habit of suppressing the brown-skinned ones, and thus, their present act is an act of racism. She promised to use her voice in other social media accounts and her movies.

The story of Kangana and Twitter:

Ranaut’s tweets have never missed the eye of the public and have often hit the headlines. This fame might have led her to misuse the power. After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Kangana’s support for him had reached headlines again, and the actress was honored by the public. She was thought to be fighting for the truth.

The situations that followed such a hype showed a different scenario. She got support from the government right after she complained about Shiv Sena’s party for breaking her property. She could have used the support in a better way, but what she did raged the public. She started interfering in all sorts of social and political problems through her Twitter posts.

She even connected nowhere related topics. The people ultimately took her words as the words spoken by a mad person. Her sister Rangoli went even further, and her account was suspended in 2020 itself. She continued her comments through Instagram later on. Will Kangana do the same? Let us keep an eye on the news headlines to know more since whatever Kangana does becomes the next day’s hits, even the most stupid actions.

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